Be the Leader We Need

Fighting Back Against Anti-Abortion Ordinances!

Right now, anti-abortion extremists are crisscrossing the state, pressuring Texas municipalities to adopt ordinances that would try to outlaw abortion in our communities.

The map below shows each of the towns that have passed an anti-abortion ordinance, the areas that are considering one, and the cities that have or are considering standing up for abortion access.

Is an ordinance coming to your city?

Here are the steps to take right now:

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Join our Abortion Access Academy and learn to be a leader in your community

The academy will prepare you to be a leader in your community and the reproductive rights movement by helping you develop the skills needed to be a powerful and effective advocate.

During the academy you will:

  • Learn from the pros. Professional advocates from Texas reproductive rights organizations will share their knowledge and experience.
  • Get the tools you need to become a community leader.
  • Join a beautiful community that values reproductive rights.
  • Get certified as an abortion rights advocate.